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What art offers is space...a certain breathing room for the spirit. ~John Updike

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Dream...some watercolor circles.

I am quite fond of circles. This is how I created this look: my card base is 4 x 8 watercolor paper, scored and folded in half. Then I punched a circle from a scrap piece of paper. Using the paper with the hole in it as my guide, I traced 3 circles with watercolor pencils. I then used my water brush to blend the color. I had a bit more of a puddle of watery color where the blue circle was, so I used my Stampin Up color spritzing tool to blow some of the colored water on to the green circle. (I am sure a straw would work equally as well) I really liked the overall look, but thought it needed something to give it a little more detail. While parts of the paper were wet,  I poured clear embossing powder on it. I have never embossed with just water & watercolor, but it worked pretty well. Finished it off with a stamped word and a little bling. 

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